Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Weeks From Easter

While in church yesterday, Pastor Barbara said something that made me reach for a pencil and my folded up piece of paper so that I could scratch out a few words for this Pause in Lent, sharing with Angela and others here,  Just follow the links on the right upper column of her blog for more posts.

The gist of what was said is this: death precedes life

As I was thinking of death preceding life, my garden came to mind.  All those leaves, at least six inches in depth of fallen cottonwood leaves, are covering the soil of my wildflower garden.  As I was removing the rich layer of decay, of the dead leaves, I marveled at the fat earthworms that were uncovered.  Those earthworms thrived over the winter because of the dead leaves giving them cover and warmth through the harsh time of winter, when the ground was frozen and dead.  But it was necessary that the leaves fell from those old cottonwoods, giving shelter and mulch for the forthcoming wildflower garden that will bloom in the months following.  The worms thrived and will help sustain new flower growth through their organisms.

Through Death Comes Life

As we approach Good Friday, pondering on God giving His Son to death brings mankind to a realization of New Life through this sacrifice.  For Christ did overcome death to live on in eternal life.  He did it for you.  Do you accept his death and resurrection for yourself, for a new life?

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